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A building built in 1840 stood on this busy corner until 1963. It was owned by Henry Coffman and he passed it to his son Fletcher when he died. Fletcher and wife Marinda operated a lodging business for travelers along the busy road and their family also lived in the building. The Coffmans' sons continued to run the business for many years. In the 1930's Harold and Madge Shriver bought the building and ran a restaurant and confectionery/soda shop there. Later, Harold turned it into an appliance store. Another part of the building, along South High Street, where Visit Dublin, Ohio's door is, was Dortha May Moffitt's beauty salon. Further down was an insurance agency office. The building had many, many "lives" and lots of stories. The building was demolished and the lot was vacant for a few years. The village approved a Marathon gasoline station, car wash and U-Haul rental site for that location and it was there from about 1970 until the present Town Center was approved and built in the late 1990's. When it was demolished, part of it--a one-story portion--was kept intact and moved north of the present library site and used as the Village Council meeting office.


While so much has changed about this busy corner of Dublin, alot has remained the same. Visitors to Dublin are still stopping by this spot looking for information on lodging, dining and entertainment advice and direction. Visit Dublin, Ohio is thrilled to help.

9 South High Street