HDBA Member Benefits

The Historic Dublin Business Association brings together dozens of small business owners who all share a love for Dublin’s unique Historic District, and want to see it thrive and grow.  That happens when member businesses work together through the HDBA to benefit each other.

So why join and participate in our all-volunteer organization? We’ve got a few good reasons for you:

Networking Opportunities

The HDBA provides its members with opportunities to network, and to share information and resources. Even though some of us are friendly competitors, we all still share certain needs and preferences. We also help one another directly with referrals, and with contact information for other local businesses. We accomplish all those things through our Member Meetings, our events, our Member Updates, and our website.

Giving Back to Our Community

As a member of the HDBA, you’re an important part of our philanthropic effort. As an organization we are dedicated to serving the needs of the greater Dublin community through charities like the Dublin Food Pantry and Welcome Warehouse.

Improved Business Climate

Ultimately, your participation in the HDBA helps improve the Historic District’s business climate. As business owners working together we help create an atmosphere that encourages competition and attracts customers. With effective leadership and active member participation, the HDBA makes it easier for our members to make money and enjoy the process.

Unique Promotional Opportunities

The HDBA negotiates advertising discounts with local media; promotes member businesses collectively and individually though our website; brings members right into your business at monthly member meetings; and brings customers right to your door with monthly district-wide events.

Magnification of Your Message

The HDBA is a partner in the Downtown Dublin Strategic Alliance, a collaboration between the Dublin Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, the HDBA, and Bridge Park that works to promote businesses throughout the entire downtown area.  Membership in the HDBA gives your business exposure in this larger effort that reaches a national audience.

A Larger Voice in Civic Affairs

Membership in the HDBA gives you more political clout. Our excellent working relationship with City Hall helps us accomplish our main agenda item – improving the character and visibility of the Historic District for our members and for the public. And from time to time, we lobby on behalf of our membership on more specific issues like traffic, street and sidewalk maintenance, and road closures. Membership in the HDBA gives you an effective local advocate for your business.

Social Advantages

For a business owner in the Historic District, the opportunity to participate in our association is as much a personal consideration as a business decision. We hold member events throughout the year, giving you the chance to meet with your peers and enjoy the company of fellow entrepreneurs. Participating in the HDBA makes you a part of a very special community of small business owners.

All that for just $120 a year! What are you waiting for? Click here to join today and start enjoying all the benefits that membership in the HDBA offers!