Terra Gallery


This building was constructed by John Guy in 1960 in the popular mid-century style that remains today. The Guy family has proudly called Dublin home for four generations, with many successful businesses over the past century. One of the family's business successes that affects all of us today, is the invention of the patented modern day toilet flushing mechanism that prevents cross contamination of clean water with waste water, commonly referred to as the "vacuum breaker.” The Guy family’s beginnings in mechanical engineering evolved to businesses in mechanical contracting in the 1950's, with a specialty in HVAC. Their current HVAC business, Air Force One, is still headquartered in Dublin. They have six locations throughout the state of Ohio with 240 employees.


Terra Gallery is not in the business of HVAC, but customers from across the city continually rave about the breath of fresh air that is their offering which meets so many creative needs. From an eclectic art gallery, a beautiful and creative event space for rent, a full calendar of wine and paint parties and art lessons, and an active artist studio, Terra Gallery continually brings creativity, fun and beauty to Historic Dublin.

36B N. High Street