North High Brewing Company


This property (lot number 131) was originally owned by John Sells, one of the founders of Dublin. He did not build anything on the property and when he died in 1841, it was passed onto his son. In 1845, James and Sara Brown purchased the property and built this striking home with its decorative overlapping shingles called “imbrication” which make for a weather-tight surface. In 1890, Harry Artz bought the house and for 84 years it stayed in the Artz family. The home eventually became a building for businesses and was once an antiques store and in most recent years The Brazenhead bar and restaurant.


After extensive updating, remodeling and refurbishing, North High Brewing now resides here. The Dublin location is North High's third brewery location. Offering a wonderful list of fresh-brewed craft beers and a delicious menu, North High has become a favorite watering hole for Dubliners. An impressive meeting and events facility called CoHatch is currently being built behind 56 N High and will work in partnership to create memorable events for businesses and families.

56 North High Street