HER Realty


In 1847, shoemaker John Webster built this building as a house. Dr. Llewellyn McKitrick bought the home years later and between 1891-1919
this structure was his medical office, and his home was right next door. 22 N. High was very elaborate for its time with a furnace that heated both buildings, a Delco light system, and the only bathroom (in house) in the village. After McKitrick retired, the property was a rental home until around 1940. While the shape of the building has changed a bit from its original square design, details like the decorative trim from the time it was built still are in tact. You can see where the first addition began by the difference in the siding on the south side of the building.


Over the past 170+ years, this home has has been bought, sold, rented and worked in by many people and their families. Fittingly, today a company that knows all about finding or selling the right home or property occupies this space today. H.E.R was founded in Arlington, Ohio and has grown to become the largest real estate agent-owned company in the country. Voted “Best Realty Company” and “Best Commercial Realty Company” by Central Ohioans, HER Dublin demonstrates daily why the company has received these accolades.

22 N. High Street