Gerber and Mitchell LLC


In 1842, Dublin’s first permanent bridge had recently been constructed over the river and people were coming to this area of Dublin much more often. It was then that Eliud Sells, constructed this building as both the third location of the Black Horse Tavern, and as his home. Two thirds of this impressive stone building made up the tavern and the remaining third was a residence. Eventually, the famous red siding was added to the building. But the exposed stone on the sides of the building was not covered by siding. These were the stones of the fireplace and would be too hot to cover with wood siding as the fireplace was used for heat and cooking. Fast forward to modern day and this location flourished as the Country Collections gift shop and later State Savings Bank.


Gerber & Mitchell attorneys have stayed true to the business success this building is famous for by offering creative solutions in the areas of business and health law. They chose Dublin as their firm’s home because of the city’s dynamic growth, home to over 3000 businesses and the vibrance of a community that is committed to re-inventing what the future will look like.

109 S. High Street