Dublin Village Tavern


Built around 1880, this building has been home to a hardware store, dry goods store and post office for the Dublin community. The attached “Italianate” brick building with its arched doorways and windows was also the home of Newton and Anna Dominy, who ran the post office. During its restoration in 1998, sections of the 1930's “Cleveland Times” newspaper that was buried in the walls for insulation, featured articles about “Professor” Einstein’s new theory and the invention of the starter for the automobile! A large 6 ft. wide by 6 ft. deep cistern was also discovered under the bar room floor which served as the early settlers’ water supply, fed by rain gutter downspouts.


Because of the variety of businesses that have existed in this location over the years, you can imagine the depth and breadth of foot traffic that have come across its sturdy floors. Since 2000, the Dublin Village Tavern has carried on that tradition by taking care of a steady stream of loyal locals and famished visitors. Its warm and inviting interior or quaint patio make it the ideal setting to enjoy a delicious menu item and a good pint or two.

27 S. High Street