Dublin Barber Shoppe


Built around 1840 by John Graham, this building was once a boarding house called the “Mitchell House.” The Mitchell house was run by Vina Mitchell. Vina hosted and fed boarders as well as provided food to anyone in need of a good meal. The boarding house was ideal for teachers to call home as it was only a block from the school and teachers were not allowed to be married. Post boarding house, this space was also once the office of Dr. Henry Karrer.


If you go into 24 South High today looking for a comfy bed and a good meal you’ll be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a great haircut, you’ve found the right place. The Dublin Barber Shoppe is Dublin's oldest business, established in 1938, originally run by Mose Myers and then by Jack Price. Today, Jack's son Craig continues to provide the quality barber services that generations of Dubliners have counted on for decades.

24 S. High Street