Dean Insurance Group


In 1944, Dublin's first fire station was built here where an icehouse once operated. The building housed the fire department that served the Washington and Perry Townships. Before this fire station was built, fire equipment was stored on the east side of river in Basil Brown's garage/service station. It was located where the AC Marriott stands today. Storing equipment on the east side of the river created a serious delay for the all volunteer crew to fight fires on the more populated west side of the bridge. To speed things up, firefighters would hitch a ride with passing cars to race to the equipment. This station ended its service in 1983 when the fire station reloacated.


Keeping homes, families and futures safe continues today in the old fire station space with new business resident, Dean Insurance Group. Whether you’re looking for car, home, business, life and retirement or workplace benefits, the Dean Insurance Group has the right policy for you. Dean's small-town, honest and reliable approach to work and client relationships doubles the peace of mind you’ll have with the personalized policies they offer.

37 W. Bridge Street