Biologico Beauty / Winans / Richard Taylor Architects


This building was built around 1850 by Lorenzo Buckley. In the 1950’s, the second floor was a residence and the first floor was Leor Cole’s “Red & White” grocery store. Not only did Dubliners come to Leor Cole’s store for groceries, they could also purchase Pure brand gasoline from a gas pump located in front near the side of the building.


From its grocery store days to today, taste seems to continue to be at the core of businesses in this building. Winan’s chocolates and coffee, for example, has some of the most delicious handmade chocolates and coffee you’ll find anywhere. Richard Taylor Architecture is all about the astheics and functionally of the buildings he designs. And much like the Pure brand sold here more than a century ago did for cars, Biologico Beauty provides nautural, toxic free products to help its clients look their very best.

48-50 S. High Street