July 24th Was National Parent’s Day!

Here in Historic Dublin, we are all about families. From events we host, to the businesses that make up our wonderful organization and district. HDBA would like to take a moment to thank all of our wonderful parents in the district! You do so much for your the association, your business and your children, and for that, we love you!

Tena and Christena Wentz: Chelsea Borough Home
Coming up on their two year anniversary, Tena and her Daughter opened their doors on South High in August of 2014. Christena says, “There is no one that I trust more than my mom, so knowing that this is my future we are working to build, I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.” The pair is always in the store, working hard to keep Chelsea Borough full of great new items and provide the best service to their customers!chelseaboroughparentsday2

Jean Ann and Amy Conley: Cutler Real Estate
After working together for 21 years, Jean Ann and her daughter Amy have been through it all together. They have enjoyed building their business over the past two decades, and only look forward to more. Make sure you stop in to see this realty duo when you’re looking for your next home or looking to sell yours!cutlerparentsday2

Al and Anne Gleine: Ha’Penny Bridge Imports of Ireland
Owners of Ha’Penny for almost 20 years. Anne and Al have seen so much happen in the district over the years. They have had children and grandchildren both work in their store at different times. Ha’Penny is very much a family business, and you would be hard pressed to find a day when one of the family members isn’t in the store!Hapennyparentsday2

Jamie Mollwitz and Clair Mills: Boho72
Clair moved to England in February, married a Brit, & yes, she still works for Boho 72! She is just more behind the scenes now… The magic of wifi and computers are amazing! Jamie & Clair actually just got back from a buying trip in Atlanta! The pair continues to seek out cute, trendy, moderate prized items for their boutique. Jamie is still in & out of the store as often as possible… “Strap yourself in and hang on for the ride,” bohoparentsday

Linda and Tom Kick and their daughter, Laura: Our Cupcakery
While Linda is the founder of Our Cupcakery, her family works right along side of her each day, and she couldn’t operate without them! Linda’s husband, Tom, does the baking and her daughter, Laura, handles all of the wedding bookings!ourcupcakeryparentsday