Indian Falls Park

A true hidden gem! This park is located behind the public library, but should without a doubt be a destination for locals and visitors alike. Originally home to Wyandot tribes, the falls has some amazing views and spans just over 3.5 acres. The city of Dublin works hard to maintain trials and walking bridges so access is easy for the public. There is plenty of parking in the lots next to and in front of the library. Also located on sight are two shelter houses! Wether you want to bring a picnic along, or simply need a rest, the shelter houses are there for you. Pets are also welcome as long as they are on a leash and you clean up after them!

Frog ParkFrog Park

A wonderful hideaway right here in Historic Dublin. For a great picnic spot, visit Frog Park! There are tables and plenty of wonderful shade for these hot summer days. With a location central to the entire district, Frog Park is just a short HOP to get some ice cream or visit one of the many wonderful shops Dublin has to offer. The park was the original location of the Dublin Kiwanis Frog jump, but now serves as the perfect place to kick up your feet and take in the sights and sounds of quaint, Historic Dublin.

Kiwanis River ParkKiwanis Riverway Park

Perfect for some scenic walking, the Riverway park offers plenty of walking paths and benches to take in the beauty of nature. This is a great place to visit for bird-lovers and flower-hunters alike! This park is located along the East shore of the Scioto River, at the north end of Griggs Reservoir. In conjunction with the Dublin Arts Council, there has also been a series of sculptures placed along the paths that offer interesting facts about the area and the river itself! Try to complete the Riverbox Challenge by visiting each of these sites!


rembrance park1Dublin Veteran’s Park: Grounds of Remembrance

This park, located behind the public library, was put in place to honor those who have so valiantly served our country. The park is dedicated all who have served; from those who joined the Ohio Volunteer Infantry in 1861, to the men and women that are serving currently. The grounds serve not only as a place of remembrance and honor, but also as a place to observe ceremonies on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day. This beautiful memorial reminds each and every one of us to stay humble, and to thank our veterans and those currently serving our country.