As June draws to a close, we are reflecting on planting season and watching the first of many local harvests come to market. A month dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables, June brought us the opening of the Mercato here in Historic Dublin. Each week, Terri Albanese of Piccalo Farms, chooses carefully the produce she is going to present at the next Mercato. Beautiful local strawberries, colorful squash, and crisp leafy greens are just a few of the things that Terri has featured in the past.


Have you seen the ripe red strawberries showcased this June? How about the yummy green and yellow squash sprawled over the tables on West Bridge Street? These beauties come from Miller Family Farms in Fredricktown and Knox county. They are 4th and 5th generation farm families that grow asparagus, beans, garlic, candy onions, summer squash, winter squash and pumpkins. So the produce they have been supplying thus far this summer is just a taste of the bountiful harvests that will be gracing the Mercato for the remainder of the season. The fresh bright colors are sure to make anyone smile and put a grumble in their tummy.

As a farmer herself, Terri takes great pride in the products sold at the Mercato, especially when it comes to produce. Sadly, after too much rain, Terri wasn’t able to plat her own garden this year, so she shifted her focus to the Mercato. Each week Terri has been working closely with farmers to keep her tables full of glorious local produce. The bright colors and flavors of the fruits and veggies at the Mercato have just gotten started, and this month has plenty in store for us!

For July, the Mercato is featuring White O’Morn Farm. White O’Morn practices “biological farming”, which means when you dig in their soil you’ll find lots life. Not soil that has been pumped with chemicals. Biological farming is combining the best of conventional and organic farming with an emphasis on attaining naturally productive soils that display high levels of biological activity. It’s a method of farming that focuses on improving the microbiology as a way of increasing plant growth and produce yield. In other words…you’ll find lots of worms and other tiny creatures living in their soil! These small wriggly friends help to aerate and fertilize the soil, keeping the plants living in it naturally healthy. This makes for some super tasty produce without all the gunk associated with mass production.

With the current weather patterns, White O’Morn is looking to begin their major harvesting in early to mid-July! They will bring fresh sweet corn, peppers of all shapes, colors and sizes, basil, italian zucchini and heirloom tomatoes to the Mercato. “When they’re in full production and have the time we’ll have them join us at the Mercato,” Says Terri. Make sure to watch for White O’Morn coming in July, and take home some of their yummy produce!

If you want to keep in touch with the Mercato throughout the week, be sure to follow us on Facebook: and on Instagram: @DublinMercato. We post updates on weather, featured artisans, and mouth-watering pictures of all the delectable goodies the Mercato has to offer! Also be sure to visit the Mercato until Labor Day at 37 West Bridge Street, in the alleyway next to the firehouse. Hours are from 10AM-2PM on Saturdays and from 4-7PM on Thursday Evenings, weather permitting.