We all know what a big deal the Memorial Tournament is here in Dublin. Want to impress friends, family and neighbors with your party spread? Here are 7 pieces of inspiration to get everyone involved in the festivities.

2013-06-07-011. The Classic

Whats a golf party without an Arnold Palmer to drink? This classic is a tasty 50/50 mix of iced tea and lemonade that was frequently ordered by the golf pro back in the day. This drink is perfect for all ages, but if the adults are looking for something a little more boozy, try making a John Daley and adding a shot of vodka to the Palmer base. For something fun, use an iced tea or lemon flavored vodka!

golf2. Tee Time!

Start your party off with some delectable goodies for your guests to snack on. Make some yummy clubsandwiches that are sure to please a tough crowd. Keep them golf themed by holding them together with some tees. Just make sure there isn’t any turf left over on them! Also, having a variety of sandwiches on hand will ensure that every one of your guests at the party has something they like to eat.

father's day water hazard.jpg3. Water Hazard

With all of the fun of golfing, make sure to keep things interesting with some obstacles along the way! Prepare some blue jello and display it in a pretty, single serving dish. A simple and fun way to have a hazardous golf snack. Kid friendly or not, this is a great way to snack or cool down. Of course for the adults, make your water hazards a little more hazardous by adding your favorite liquor and turning them into shooters!

golf-ball-cake-pop4. The Best Ball

Everyone needs something sweet in their life. These golf ball cake pops are cute and dish free way to give your guests a little bit of chocolate in their day. A little extra effort on the hostesses part, but a sure crowd pleaser! Find a recipe and tutorial from Pint Sized Baker here!

5. The Nineteenth Hole

When the day is done, and everyone is golfed-out, try putting a little pep in their step with this cocktail! Surely even the tiredest of course crawlers will gain a little momentum after having one of these bad boys.

  • 1 ½ oz gin
  • 1 oz dry vermouth
  • 1 tsp sweet vermouth
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • olives as garnish

minigolf6. Fore! The Kids

Watching golf for an entire day can be pretty boring for the little ones around the house. Give them something fun to do by setting up their own course- mini style! Inside our outside, you can set up holes for the kids that are fit for even the best memorial tournament golfers. For DIY kids golf games, look here!

7. Pub Golf

No kids around? Don’t want to cook or clean up the party mess? Gather up your friends and head into Historic Dublin to play a round of Pub Golf! Rules can be as extensive or simple as you like. The ultimate goal is to get everyone together and out of the house to watch some golf and enjoy the company! Just make sure to have a caddy (designated driver) or Uber on standby! Make your own score at PubGolfGuide.com and have a golf-BALL!